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What does "dahlia" (as in "Black Dahlia") mean?

I believe Dahlia is meant to refer to a flower. I think they nicknamed the case the Black Dahlia case because the 'starlet' was a brunette vs. being the typical blonde bombshell of the day.

What does "dahlia" (as in "Black Dahlia") mean?
How she got the name 'Black Dahlia' and more is explained on this page:

It isn't my page. I found the page via search. It's a good read about her and the investigations surrounding her death. Report It

Reply:a dahlia is a flower
Reply:daliah is like the flower of death
Reply:check out this site.. it might be disturbing to some people though

Flower named for botanist A. Dahl

Origin: Greek

Info: "Black Dahlia" was the name of a famous murder case in 1940's Los Angeles. The flower was named after a famous botanist who discovered it named A. Dahl

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Burgundy pom pom Dahlia, white tulip, mini calla lily combo?

My colors are hunter green with chocolate and ivory accents. Any thoughts?

Here is a picture of the pom pom I am thinking of:

Burgundy pom pom Dahlia, white tulip, mini calla lily combo?
Burgundy and hunter green are colors that sound bad together, but actually work great, they're very rich and dark together, nice. I'm not sure about the chocolate though...where and how will that be used? Your bouquet sounds like it will look lovely.

Edit: thanks for the extra info. If you were thinking of switching up the color in your bouquet, how about incorporating the hunter green instead of the burgundy? It would get you away from the "christmas" type look, and pull out the girls dresses color. I carried in my bouquet accent flowers in the color of my girls dresses (soft yellow). Then I had accents of Ivy green on my centerpieces. Maybe you just have one too many accent colors? Skip the burgundy and stick with chocolate, hunter green, and ivory.
Reply:it would look cute with the ivory dress, but not with the hunter green color scheme. i would say no.
Reply:I'm a florist, and I've seen a lot of odd flower combos... but a dahlia is a very "eye demanding" flower... and they're very fragile... they will wilt and fall apart VERY easily... so you'll need to becarful with them. Their are other flowers that are 'big' that are eye catching, that aren't so 'eye demanding' and aren't Christmas... Calla Lilly's, roses, stargazers, Stephanus, bear grass, eucalyptus, alstromeria, heather all come in a wide variety of colors and they all came in many different sizes.... good luck!
Reply:I love it. I'd go without the white tulip already have solitary flowers (the calla lillies) and the mix of a sphere and tube would just be sooo cool.

For little "filler" flowers, why not try green hydrangeas?
Reply:do you have a picture of your dress and the bridesmaids dresses? I am not a huge fan of green and red - but it could be nice if it was done right - so I don't want to say no!!!
Reply:I love all the dresses you've chosen! They're beautiful.

I kind of agree with your mother about the Christmas thing though...

What about a pink dahlia? I think that would look really nice.

Or this colour:

Or this one:

The other option would be to go the same flowers as the bridesmaids or to go with the green ones in your centrepiece.

Dahlia tuber question?

How do I store my tubers so they won't get too dry or mold? They are Dinnerplate Dahlias.

Dahlia tuber question?
the two former answers are correct but don,t let them freeze and try to keep on the dry side
Reply:The best way to store Dahlia tubers is like one would potatoes. The growers actually store them in dry peat moss. I would just put them in maybe a strawberry basket(for ventilation) in something dry like moss, shredded paper, or peat moss in a garage or shed that stays dry until time in your area for planting.

Good luck :-)
Reply:wrap them in paper and store them in carboard boxes

Dahlia problem.?

As a fair-weather gardener I have not been very active recently. And I have just found that the stems of a number of my dahlias have been cut (chewed presumably) near the tops of the plants. Are the culprits likely to be slugs/snails or black/green fly? (All are usually found in my garden about this time of the year.) If the pests are slugs/snails, why do they need to climb to near the tops of the plants when they could do their dirty deeds near the bottoms? Some of the leaves have also been chewed, but no caterpillars or butterflies have been spotted. Please advise. Thanks.

Dahlia problem.?
If they're slugs, you shuold be able to see a silvery trail left behind. Also, check at night with a flashlight, that will tell you for sure. You may also have leaf-miners as opposed to caterpillars. They appear on the inside tender part of the leaves where the females lay their eggs on the underneath of the leaves. Check for tiny black specks.

For slugs/snails you could put a collar-ring around the bottom of your flowers. Just cut them round out of cardboard, with a slit and hole cut in the middle, put on the stem near the ground. They can't climb up the plants. Diazon will control leaf miners - caterpillars too for that matter.

good luck
Reply:Japanese Beetles munch indiscriminantly making Swiss Cheese holes in leaves. They are about done now.

Snails and slugs will leave a lovely slime trail.

Grasshoppers also vigorously chew vegetation.
Reply:slugs do enjoy decaying leaves, but they also enjoy climbing up to find the tender leaves above. i spent countless nights hunting for them underneath the leaves of one of my vines which happened to be very precious to me because it is the larval host plant of a species of butterfly that i raise. if your problem is slugs, i suggest you hunt them too,...and spread a lime-barrier around your dahlia. they'll be safe from slugs.
Reply:Do you have deer around your home ??

They have not munched on my Dahlias but have had a snack on lots of my other plants.

Grasshoppers would be my second guess !!
Reply:Whatever's eating them is chewing at the top because that's where the most tender flesh is located. Down lower the stem is more tough and woody.

It could be a lot of things. Dig up one of them, put it in a pot and take it, along with one of the chewed off tops and take it to a good local nursery or to your local county extension agent. They'll have the best idea of the cause and the cure.
Reply:you could be feeding a hungry deer,they love flower leaves,check for tracks on the ground around your plants

Dahlia flower growers, give me some specifics on what they like ?

I live in zone 7 in Or and have raised dahlias for years, but it never hurts to ask what they like, especially since I have them with weedcloth around them, how much water do they need ? I hear they are from mexico originally so they must like the heat and little water ? Our Or coast grows them huge so ???

Dahlia flower growers, give me some specifics on what they like ?
Reply:When you plant the bulb they love Bone Meal but so do skunks.

They love to be fed and I use Miracle Gro or the equivalent.

Very hardy and can withstand the hot sun....Lots of water once they get foliage.

I also give them a Bloom Booster.
Reply:all bulbs love bone meal.
Reply:i would put them in as much sun as possible and well drained soil. i wouldn't water much they will wilt and die quickly

Dahlia & Canna bulbs?

I couldnt resist some deeply discounted bulbs at the nursery. I bought caladiums, dahlias, and cannas. I live in southern Florida. If I plant them now, will the dahlias and cannas grow and flower this summer? Its already in the upper 80's.

Dahlia %26amp; Canna bulbs?
I have planted all but canna's, they bloomed in the mid to late summer for me, i live in CT. Dahlias will usually bloom until early fall.
Reply:the cannas and caladiums will grow, I never had much luck in Florida with dahlias, not sure if it was the salt air, or the heat.
Reply:yes they will. in autumn

How would you describe actor William Finley's character George Tilden in Brian Depalma's BLACK DAHLIA?

In the film, George Tilden (William Finley) and Ramona Linscott (mother of Madeleine played by Hillary Shwank)(Fiona Shaw from HARRY POTTER) are involved in the Black Dahlia's (Mia Kirshner) horrific gruesome murder. In this one scene, Lee Blanchard (Aaron Eckhart) is attacked by George near the railing on the highest floor of a building, and a shaddowy figure with a switchblade approaches them (probably Madeleine) and slits Aaron's throat while George holds the convulsing detective with the garrote. The struggle causes George and Lee to fall to their death. Bucky Bleichert (Josh Hartnett) watches helplessly. It was an intense scene.

How would you describe actor William Finley's character George Tilden in Brian Depalma's BLACK DAHLIA?
I would describe him as either vicious or ruthless (or both). He was even worse in the book.
Reply:As I remember it the recently released Georgewas there to kill Aaron for a frame up Aaron sent him to prison for because George used to beat his wife who Aaron was having sex with and Bucky was also infatuated with. The truth came out when the money was found in Aaron's possession. The fact was that George was a criminal and a wife beater but Aaron was not innocent in this matter either, and probably neither was his wife. BTW, Aaron was no sweet heart himself as Bucky's missing teeth could attest to. So, I see George as a mixture of cruelty and outrage provoked....

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